Integriertes Spuhle
(Evora, Exige V6)

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Integriertes Spuhle (Evora, Exige V6)
Integriertes Spuhle (Evora, Exige V6)
Integriertes Spuhle (Evora, Exige V6)

The Lotus Evora and Exige V6 engine has integrated coil packs rather than a distributed system.
The original engine design was to have the engine in the front of the car which created more airflow than what we see in the Evora and Exige V6.
This increased the engine bay temperature and of course increased the operating temperature of the coil packs.

When the engine light switches on and you're seeing misfires specifically on one cylinder, there's a fair chance the coil pack is gone.

Easiest way to identify is to swap the coil pack from one cylinder to the next and see if the problem swaps as well.

Our coil packs are fully compatible with the original coilpacks and seem to be slightly better performing in terms of thermal resistance.

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