Smartwax - 100% Pure Carnauba Based Wax & Polish

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smartwax represents the best of liquid carnauba shine that modern chemistry can engineer. smartwax combines 100% Brazilian Grade A Carnauba Wax, nature’s most refined wax with the latest in innovative gloss enhancers and surface protestants to bring out your vehicles highest level of shine.

Its no surprise that world renowned tuners like Tony Truang custom designer, of this award winning Toyota Solara at SEMA and HIM turns to smartwax for the finest protection and shine under the sun.
Applied by hand, SmartWax deep cleans and revives paint, leaving a crystal clear deep high gloss finish. No other single-step paint care product is as easy to use as SmartWax. The highest quality ingredients offer easy wipe-on, wipe-off application. When used as directed, new cars and vehicles in like-new condition can be treated in as little as 20-30 minutes.

smartwax has impressing car collectors, dealers OEM's and enthusiasts for years. Now available in 16 countries around the world and sold at thousands of dealerships and tuner shops worldwide. smartwax truly is an evolution in care care.

Ultra Premium 100% Pure Carnauba Based Wax&Polish

* Brilliant Deep Shine
* Polishes, shines&protects in one easy step!
* Restores original shine / super easy to use (easy on/off)
* Removes tree sap, bird drops, water spots&oxidation
* Leaves no dust, smear or powdery residue
* Can be used in sun/shade on wet/dry surfaces
* Provides long-lasting protection

SmartWax is a premium polish and Carnauba wax fortified with space age polymers for long-lasting protection!

Applied by machine, SmartWax comes to life, easily removing stubborn swirl marks, water spots and other fine paint defects. After applying SmartWax by machine, paint marred by swirl marks, scuffs and water spots will emerge gleaming and crystal clear.

SmartWax is a professional grade Carnauba wax product enhanced with non-stick technology for added protection against pollution, factory fallout, insects, bird droppings, road grime and hard water conditions.

Automotive paint is under attack every hour it is parked in the sunshine. Extra-strength UV sunscreen protection makes SmartWax the ideal choice for vehicles exposed to the sun for long durations.

SmartWax is formulated using new molecular chemistry technology that protects your car with a long-lasting, wet-look shine that will turn heads. Guaranteed!


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