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elise-shop.com Electronic Valve Controller kit
elise-shop.com Electronic Valve Controller kit
elise-shop.com Electronic Valve Controller kit

The NA Lotus Evora has not been equipped with a Valve Controller in the ECU.

On SuperCharged cars (and the Exige V6) Lotus installed this feature and introduced the valve to be able to meet noise emission standards.

On the standard exhaust of the Evora S and Exige V6 the valve is used as a Exhaust Protection device. When the engine runs over 4700rpm the valve opens and allows the hot gasses to be routed through a less restricted path.

On aftermarket exhausts such as the Larini exhaust with a valve the valve is only used to reduce noise but doesn't have a direct effect on the durability of the exhaust.
In other words, it doesn't make any difference when the flap is opened or closed apart for the noise level.
On the Evora S and Exige S you can control the valve by using the sports button, on the Evora NA, there is no valve control at all.

Specifically for that application, we've developed our electronic valve controller.
This device works completely independent from the ECU and is controlled by a remote control keyfob or... you can program the keyfob in the Smartlink remote control system.

Although the module has been developed for the Evora, it can be used on every vehicle on which you would like to install an exhaust with a vacuum controlled flap.

Model: ESVCK

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