Engine cleaner, Engine Shine and Wheel cleaner Spray cleaner.

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The main reason for selling these cleaning sprays is because we used them and were very impressed by the result of these chemicals!

Engine Cleaner This product is to be sprayed over the engine, leave it alone for a couple of minutes and spray off with cold water. The result.. a brand new engine!
We tried this on various Esprit and Elise engines and found it to work very well.
500ml can with spraygun

Engine Shine You could call this the finishing touch for the engine cleaner. When the engine is cleaned, simply spray the engine, the silicone or rubber hoses with Engine shine and leave it to dry.
After drying up, you'll see an engine which looks shine as it's just left the showroom! 250ml can with spraygun

Wheel Cleaner We've tried many different products of well known brands and always found them too... nice for the dirt ;) This professional wheelcleaner is quite agressive and therefore, it needs to be handled with great care. But it sure works fine! Brakedust can simply be brushed off. Please make sure to use gloves as this product is corrosive.
500ml can with spraygun.

Model: CLPGP

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