GT Rear Lights for Elise and Exige S2 / S3

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GT Rear Lights for Elise and Exige S2 / S3
GT Rear Lights for Elise and Exige S2 / S3
GT Rear Lights for Elise and Exige S2 / S3

These GT rear lights will transform the look of your Elise or Exige.

The original LED rear lamps on the Elise and Exige are strarting to look a little dated with it's outer ring of separate LED's and a light bulb for the indicators.

These GT rear lights are completely based on LED technology and offer a very nice halo kind of diffused light which will double it's light output when braking.
The centre is used as the (amber) indicator light or for the inside lamps, it will be used as fog and reverse lamps.
As the lights are more square than the original units, there is no need for the LED's which emit light to the side of the lamp. The side view is like a red stripe rather than two LED's.
We offer four different options:
Smoked lenses with or without centre reflectors and Blood Red lenses with or without centre reflectors. One of the images shows all four options.

If you prefer the look of the units without reflector, but worry about the reflectors for MOT, we offer an option for (red) reflective stickers of 50x25mm

These lights come with original connectors wired in, they're plug and play.
As a special LED indicator relay is necessary, this is included in the package.

Explanation of the different style lamps in the overview picture:
Top row from left to right: Smoked without and with reflector
Bottom row from left to right: Blood red without and with reflector.

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Model: GTLEX

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