Hurricane HID headlamp conversion kit
(Elise, Exige, VX220 all models)

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Hurricane HID headlamp conversion kit (Elise, Exige, VX220 all models)
Hurricane HID headlamp conversion kit (Elise, Exige, VX220 all models)
Hurricane HID headlamp conversion kit (Elise, Exige, VX220 all models)

Unfortunately, the Elise and Exige are not producing the light you'd wanted it to on a small, dark country road..

You will pretty much feel yourself like Florence Nightingale with just two candles... a speed of 100mph..

The driving lights do help you to get some more light on the road, but not many people will feel confident with an Elise in the dark.

We found a solution... the Hurricane High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp replacement kit!

Compared to the standard bulbs, HID produces approx. 2.5x as much light.
Please click comparison picture to see the differences in illuminated area on a standard car and the same car equipped with our HID conversion kit.
Although the radiation pattern will stay the same, the dramatic increase in light output will not only reach further in front of you, it will also Illuminate a much wider area.

In practice, driving the Elise in the dark will be as much fun as driving it during daytime. Besides, people will notice you much quicker.

Converting the headlamps on your car will improve safety!

As this kit is a direct replacement for the original light bulbs, there is no need to change anything to the car besides mounting the electronic boxes to the side of the crash structure and wiring up the system.
Besides, as the system only draws 35 Watts per lamp instead of the 55 Watts which are beeing consumed by Halogen lamps, you will reduce the power drain from the battery by 40%!

Please keep in mind that the headlamps units of the Elise S2 and Exige S2 were changed as of MY2007.
If your car has sidelights installed as separate lamps above the Dip beam lense, you will need to select a different kit from the pull down menu.

The kit comes with a complete installation manual for your car!

If you want to upgrade both Dip and Main beam of your Elise S2 or Exige S2, please add the Dip beam kit to your cart, then add the Main beam kit to your cart. The same goes for adding a Driving Light kit to a Dip beam etc.


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