Max Torque Evora / Exige V6 Clutch pack

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Max Torque Evora / Exige V6 Clutch pack
Max Torque Evora / Exige V6 Clutch pack
Max Torque Evora / Exige V6 Clutch pack

Quite a few people have experienced the issues Lotus are having getting the clutch to level with the power / torque levels coming from the V6 engine.

We already offer a high performance clutch pack, which should be fine for the cars around the 400BHP mark, but engine tuners (and Lotus) move on and release higher performance engine tunes.
Increasing power is one thing, being able to transfer all that torque to the road is another. We are still seeing a lot of premature clutch failures.

What we're offering here is the highest torque clutch we were able to construct.
This clutch is rated for torque levels of up to 550Nm! (405lb/ft)

This clutch is combined with an ultra lightweight flywheel (mind you, the clutch and flywheel are developed together, it's not possible to use the flywheel with another clutch!)
The clutch kit as a total is only weighing 9.5kg!

Kit consists of clutch cover, driven plate, flywheel, flywheel bolts and adapter for clutch release bearing.
The clutch release bearing is not included in the kit.


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