Pressure Relief Remote Thermostat
(Elise, Exige S1, 340R only Rover engines)

€139.75 (€169.10 Inc VAT)

The design of the Elise cooling system is not ideal as the ‘K’ series engine was designed for a FWD car and the Elise is a RWD car.. Specifically designed for the Elise, this remote thermostat can be fitted almost anywhere in the cooling system although we advise the best location in our instructions.
The cylinder head takes the brunt of many oscillations in temperature ranges caused by the thermostat constantly opening and closing and very cold water coming back through several metres of pipe work from the front of the car. These temperature variations can cause the head to expand and contract many times ultimately causing head gasket failure.
Our remote thermostat alleviates the thermal shock caused by the cold water hitting a hot cylinder head. It can be fitted in under an hour and comes complete with new hose clamps and full fitting instructions.
Fit it sooner than later as the cost of a head gasket failure will be 10 times the cost of this easy to fit simple unit.

This kit is for all cars with a Rover K-series engine, produced after 1996/1997! (with the horizontal coolant pipe at the bottom of the engine) the kit has a 82 degree thermostat


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