RaceCapturePro/V2 Real Time Telemetry for the masses

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RaceCapturePro/V2 Real Time Telemetry for the masses
RaceCapturePro/V2 Real Time Telemetry for the masses
RaceCapturePro/V2 Real Time Telemetry for the masses
RaceCapturePro/V2 Real Time Telemetry for the masses

RaceCapturePro/V2 Real Time Telemetry for the masses
RaceCapturePro/V2 Real Time Telemetry for the masses

Naamloos document Taking vehicle data management to a next level!

RaceCapture/Pro Mk2 is a new, powerful data logging, dash and telemetry system in one unit at a price you couldn't dream about.

Do you just want to log data or do you want live telemetry where your team can see both driver and engineering data on the pitwall?
It's all here in a single package.

Key features of the RaceCapture/Pro Mk2:
  • Real 50 Hz GPS
  • Predicted lap time (display and logged)
  • 3 axis accelerometer to measure G-Forces in 3D
  • 3 axis Gyro to measure Yaw, Pitch and Roll
  • 8 Analog sensor inputs
  • 3 RPM / Speed inputs
  • 3 digital inputs or outputs
  • 1Hz to 1000Hz logging rates
  • Dual CAN Bus – connect directly to 2008+ CAN/OBD-II ports (with additional OBD-II cable)
To enable real time telemetry, simply plug a SIM card with data allowance in and register your device.
From there you can stream live telemetry to the cloud in real-time with RaceCapture Live.
This will allows you to monitor position and vitals of the car from the pits or anywhere in the world with your web-connected device.

Did we mention dash?
Order the external Bluetooth module with your RaceCapture/Pro Mk2 and download the Android App.
Once you've done that, you will be able to run a user configurable dash displaying real time data on your phone or tablet.

Take control!
RaceCapture/Pro doesn't only collect and transmit data from your car, it can process data in real time and it can programmed to control devices on your car.
From cooling fans to active aero options or smart warning systems, your imagination will be the only limiting factor.

You can even control defined actions on the car from the pit wall.
For instance, when you see an issue arising in the engine, you can switch it to a safe calibration from the pitwall to make sure the car can be 'brought home'.

RaceCapture/Pro V2 is CAN enabled.
People who have been working with CAN enabled systems know it can be quite a challenge to make sense of CAN messages as manufacturers are not always willing to share these.
The RaceCapture community is sharing this sort of data for a variety of ECU's, Dash systems, and all other CAN enabled systems etc.
Meanwhile the developers have released a 'sniffer script' which will enable you to debug the CAN bus and find the data you need.

On recent cars where the ECU and dash are completely CAN controlled you might only want to connect to the CAN bus to get your setup going.

Input / Output Channels
Analog Input Channels 8 (VBatt dedicated CH8)
Voltage range 0-5v
Input impedance 1M ohm
Voltage protection 400v (intermittent)
ADC precision 12 bit
Maximum sample rate 1000Hz
Mapping Raw / Linear formula / Interpolated map
Digital I/O Channels 3
Output mode type Open drain
Output current capacity 1A, inductive clamped
Input mode voltage range 0-12v
input voltage protection 400v (intermittent)
Maximum sample rate 1000Hz
Timer Inputs (RPM / Frequency) Channels 3
Input voltage protection 400v (intermittent)
Maximum sample rate 1000Hz
PWM / Analog outputs
PWM output type push/pull
PWM output voltage range 5v
Output current capacity 50mA
Analog Output 0-5v
Voltage Reference
Output Voltage/Capacity 5v / 1A
CAN Channels 2
CAN baud rate 125K, 250K, 500K, 1MBd
CAN filters 14 per channel
Protocol support OBDII PID, cstm CAN msg
Cellular Quad-band GSM (internal)
Bluetooth BT 2.0 (external, optional)
Serial Max Baud Rate 230400
Inertial Motion Unit
Accelerometer Channels 3 (X/Y/Z) (2G, 4G capable)
Gyro 3 (Yaw/Pitch/Roll) (1000 deg/sec)
Magnetic compass 1 (Bearing) (capable of 3)
GPS Type External active antenna
GPS Maximum sample rate 50Hz
GPS accuracy 2.5M CEP
Configuration Capacity
Auto-detect track database 240
Sectors per track 20
Channel support 200
Physical Dimensions 135x110x31 mm(est)
Weight 255gm (est)

Model: RCPV2

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