TechnoFibra1000 x 600 x 4mm Self Adhesive Heatshield

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When we were confronted with this material, the first thing we said was "This can't be true.. there must be some sort of trick!"

There wasn't...

TechnoFibra is a versatile, lightweight material which is both heat reflecting and heat absorbing.
This heatshielding material provides a thermal barrier which has not been seen before in the automotive business.

These sheets can be used to protect cold parts in close proximity of heat emitters or even open flames.

Sheets are very flexible and self adhesive, you can shape them in any way you want and stick where you want.
As the material is also sound absorbing you can also use it as sound deading material.

o Technofibra is a very light weight material (480 g/m2) heat reflecting, heat absorbing with thermal performance that until today any other insulator is not able to give.
o Temperature contact 350°C
o Thermal conductivity [W/MK] from 0,026 to 0°C and 0,045 to 400°C.
o Technofibra is an excellent insulator to protect from high temperatures.
o Technofibra is non toxic.
o Technofibra is an excellent sound absorber

As the material between the aluminium reflection layer and the self adhesive is cloth it can soak up water. We strongly recommend to us the aluminium tape which you can find in the same section to trim the sides of the sheet!

Below video will show you how this material performs:

Model: VT0084S

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